Okii. My name is Shirlee-Harriet Crow Shoe and my Blackfoot name is Misamiinisikim ‘Ancient Buffalo Stone.’ I am a member of the Apatohsipiikani Nation. I am from two clans: Ni’taiitsskaiksi ‘Long Fighters’ and Aapaitapiksi ‘Bulrushes or Cattails.’ I am a member of the Misamaahkoyinnimaan ‘Longtime Medicine Pipe Bundle.’ I am a member of the Piikani Kanattsomitaiksi ‘Brave Dogs.’ I was raised by my Grandmother, Iikiistanopa ‘All Listen To Woman.’ I am a fluent Blackfoot speaker and have learned to write the Blackfoot language. I have been teaching the Blackfoot Language for over 30 years. I am also a language consultant for the Piikani Nation, the Nitsipowahsin School in Browning, Montana, the University of Missoula’s Department of Linguistics (Mizuki Miyashita), Fort Whoop-Up, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, the Fort Macleod Mental Health Services, and the Crossroad Campus in Fort Macleod. I presently serve on the Bow Valley Aboriginal Council and work in the Livingstone School Division. I have articles at the Smithsonian Museum, the Glenbow Museum, the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, California, the Denver Museum, and the Virtual Museum online. I am also a member of the Traditional Games Society on the Blackfeet Reservation. I have an acknowledgement in the book, Lanterns of the Prairie edited by Steven Graff. I enjoy learning about being Blackfoot, Niistowa ‘me,’ reading books about Niistowa, surfing the Internet, and developing resources pertaining to our way of life. You can watch the YouTube video “Our Land – Kitawaahsiminoon Site Visits Shirlee Crowshoe” produced by Uleth Iikaisskini Student Centre, featuring Shirlee.