Oki! My name is Owen Scheibner-Healy and I am from the southern Alberta area (currently Lethbridge). I am currently enrolled at the University of Lethbridge pursuing a degree in the Digital Audio Arts program. I have been given the opportunity to work on the Blackfoot Language Archive’s 2024 summer period. I found out about the position from my family, who thought it would be an excellent opportunity to utilize the skills I have been developing with my studies, while also aligning with my heritage. Upon digging further, I came to recognize that the project was more deeply intertwined with my family’s lifelong work than I initially realized, with my aunt and great grandmother being essential figures in the project’s history. Growing up, I wasn’t afforded the opportunity to integrate myself in the community for a significant portion of my life. But recently I have been blessed to be able to reconnect with my family and strengthen my cultural ties, and this position is yet another excellent stepping stone on that journey while also acting as a special tool that I can use to give back to my community in a significant way. I am honored to be able to contribute to the project’s commitment to preserve a significant aspect of Blackfoot culture. And while the organization’s goal is to preserve and aid future generations, it is also acting as a driving force for my own endeavor to learn and understand the language for myself.