Read more about our project in this article: Inge Genee and Marie-Odile Junker. 2018. “The Blackfoot Language Resources and Digital Dictionary project: Creating integrated web resources for language documentation and revitalization.” Language Documentation and Conservation 12: 274-314. LINK

In the summer of 2017 Joerdis Weilandt from the Teaching Centre at the University of Lethbridge visited with the team that was working on the Dictionary and wrote an article on the project called “Crossing Boundaries”. LINK

Read more about how the Blackfoot Dictionary handles multiple spelling systems to increase accessibility for users:
Genee, Inge. (2020). “It’s written niisto but it sounds like KNEE STEW.” Handling multiple orthographies in Blackfoot language web resources. Written Language & Literacy 23 (1), 1-28.