Naatowaapistoaakii (Holy Beautiful Womyn) is the name gifted to me by my late uncle Stephen Fox Jr. I am the proud daughter of Katie Rabbit-Young Pine and Dean Fox, also known as Dan Fox. I am a Blackfoot member of the Blood tribe and am excited to join the list of amazing contributors on this project. In April 2022, I graduated from the Indigenous language and culture program that provided me with great insight into Blackfoot ways of life. Both my parents are fluent speakers and hold knowledge that has guided me towards reclaiming my language, my way of life and ensuring that I work hard in developing opportunities not only for myself but for the ones who come after me. I am currently a full-time student with Red Crow College main campus and look forward to moving forward in my educational pursuits as Inge and her project are now exposing me to what it means to create learning opportunities with the Blackfoot language. I am looking forward to developing relationships with the language, my colleagues and supporting the efforts of Blackfoot language revitalization.