Oki, Kwei, Wâchiye, Bonjour,

My name is Delasie (Del) Torkornoo. I am originally from Ghana. I have a passion for developing, adapting and promoting digital infrastructure for community focused language projects. I enjoy building tools to simplify and support the processes of language documentation and dissemination at the community level. I am the technical director and primary developer for the Algonquian Dictionaries and Language Resources Project (https://www.algonquianlanguages.ca) which has been exploring how information and communication technologies can support Indigenous languages, using a participatory-action research methodology. We have developed several websites and online dictionaries for languages of the Algonquian family (East Cree, Innu, Atikamekw) in partnership with colleagues and Indigenous organizations. Our team also developed the Algonquian Linguistic Atlas: www.atlas-ling.ca and its related mobile apps. I am here to help provide technical assistance in building and supporting the Blackfoot digital infrastructure. I am excited to be part of this creative and dynamic team, and to learn from all of you.