Don Frantz and Inge Genee
Web development:
Inge Genee and Marie-Odile Junker
Database programming and conversions:
Delasie Torkornoo
Financial support:
SSHRC Insight Grant # 435-2015-1082 (2015-2018)
Province of Alberta Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) (2016 and 2017)
Chinook Summer Research Award program (2016)
SSHRC Undergraduate Summer Research Award program (2017)
Jacobs Research Funds (2017-2018)


Francis First Charger
Blackfoot speakers:
Jessie Black Water
Kim Black Water
Peter Chief Calf
Natalie (Ophelia) Creighton
Shirlee Crow Shoe
Beverly Little Bear Hungry Wolf
Philomena Melting Tallow
Carl Singer
Shawn Singer
Jo Ann Yellow Horn
Pauline Yellow Horn
SSHRC team:
Inge Genee (PI)
Don Frantz (co-PI)
Marie-Odile Junker (co-PI)
Mizuki Miyashita
Daniel O’Donnell
Nicole Rosen
Fernando Zuniga
Student research assistants 2015:
Madeline Neufeld
Meagan Schritt
Student research assistants 2016:
Jessie Black Water
Kristen Healy
Janine Jackson
Madeline Neufeld
Myles Shirakawa
Carl Singer
Natalie Weber
Pauline Yellow Horn
Student research assistants 2017:
Rachel Hoof
Mahaliah Peddle
Blaise Russell
Myles Shirakawa
Graduate students:
Madoka Mizumoto
Natalie Weber
Post-doctoral students:
Heather Bliss
Community volunteers:
Steffi Dudley
Shelby Johnson
Peter Pankonin
Amanda Thom
Brittany Wichers