How to use the online dictionary:

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  2. Choose:
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Help videos

Below are some help videos to help you work with the dictionary even better. Check them out!

English to Blackfoot search

Blackfoot to English search

Relaxed search features (Blackfoot to English search)

How to browse entries

How to browse keywords

How to browse themes

Tour of an entry – part one

Tour of an entry – part two

Tour of an entry – part three

Tour of an entry – part four

Glossing conventions and abbreviations

Below is a list of glossing conventions and abbreviations that one might come across while using the dictionary.

Gloss/abbreviation Meaning
1 First person
2 Second person
21 First person plural inclusive
3 (Proximate) third person
3’ Obviative Third Person
AI Animate intransitive
AIO Animate intranstive plus object
AN Animate
CN Conjunct nominal
CONJ Conjunctive
DEM Demonstrative
DIR Direct
DUR Durative aspect
FUT Future
II Inanimate intransitive
IMMFUT Immediate/immeninent future
IMP Imperative
IN Inanimate
INCH Inchoative
IND Indicative
INSTR Intstrument
INV Inverse
NMLZ Nominalizer
NONREF Non-referring
OBV Obviative
OT Time other than speech act
PERF Perfective aspect
PL Plural
PRO Pronoun
PROX Proximate
PST Past
REFL Reflexive
SBJV Subjunctive
SG Singular
TA Transitive animate
TH.TI Transitive inanimate theme suffix
TI Transitive inanimate
VBLZ Verbalizer
X>Y X acts on Y